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First Row (Left to Right)

Alva Carrasco, President of the Board

Salvador (Sal) Llamas, Vice President of the Board

Elizabeth (Liz) Carter, Secretary

Aida Berduo Berry, Treasurer

Second Row (Left to Right)​

Joe Escobedo, Director

Carmen Garcia,  Director

Oscar J. Gonzalez, Director

Elba Higueros, Director

Third Row (Left to Right)

Alberto Marino, Director

Lisa Rivera-LaMantia, Director

Walter Weichselbaumer, Director

Milo Victoria, Ex-Officio

Committee Chairs

board of Directors

Build a Global Network of Transportation Professionals  -  Lisa R. LaMantia and Walter Weichselbaumer

Strengthen LIT's Presence within the Industry Through Active Participation and Engagement with Partner Organizations - Alva Carrasco and Sal Llamas 

Membership Development and Financial Sustainability Committee - Walter Weichselbaumer and Joe Escobedo

Special Events Committee - Elba Higueros and Aida Berduo Berry

Training and Professional Development Committee - Aida Berduo Berry and Walter Weichselbaumer

Marketing and Communications Committee - Alva Carrasco and Alberto Marino

Finance and Audit Committee - Aida Berduo Berry and Liz Carter

Equity and Inclusion Committee -  Carmen Garcia and Milo Victoria

Legislative Affairs Committee - Oscar J. Gonzalez and Alberto Marino

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